November 16, 2009

The browsers I use

A few weeks ago I started using the Google browser, Chrome 4 beta. It is a lot faster then Firefox :D
The only reason I still use Firefox sometimes is the Firebug :)

The only problem with Chrome is that it doesn't display pdf files. I searched around and I found the fix. Just resize the window and the document magically appears :D

Firefox vs Chrome
What is better in FF:
    - Firebug
    - how you can search in the history, you just type part of the URL or the page title and it searches in the history
    - you can delete pages from the history just pressing "Delete"

What is better in Chrome:
    - speed
    - syncing browsing data with your Google account, this way if you have more computers you can have all your bookmarks and history everywhere :)

I'm waiting for FF 4, and I'm curious if it will beat Chrome 4, but if Chrome will have Firebug I will downgrade Firefox to testing browser  :)

My Browsers:
    - Chrome: main browser
    - Firefox: only for debugging
    - Opera: did you know it has a torrent client? ;)
    - ie: just for testing or downloading other browsers on a fresh windows install :D

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