November 16, 2009

I saw my friends again...

This weekend I went for a ride with a friend. It was almost the same trail as last week. The weather was OK  but the trail was more slippery than last week so I hit the ground on the way home :(

On the field the deers jumped in front of me. I wasn't prepared so I couldn't take a picture with all of them :( I think these were the same deers I saw a week before. I'll try to catch all of them (about 15 deers) with my camera next week :)

    - time: 2 hours (with a lot of stops to get the mud off the bikes)
    - distance: 23,74 km
    - avg speed: 11,81 km/h
    - max speed: 60,5 km/h (on asphalt)


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