November 18, 2009

Training stats

Yesterday i mounted the cyclocomputer to the rear tire to have some statistics :)
I am riding for about 40 minutes. I start wit a warm up, about 5-6 minutes. Then 7 minutes at a speed that is slightly hard to maintain (about 40-42 km/h), after that 3 minutes at a lower speed (20-24 km/h). I repeat this two more times. After this workout I stay on the bike for another 5 minutes to relax.

So here are the statistics from last nights work out:
    - time: 40 minutes
    - avg speed: 32,1 km/h
    - distance: 21,45 km
    - max speed: 63,7 km/h

There is an xls file on the minoura website so I looked up my performance. I produce about 200 W :)

I will get back with pictures and more statistics soon.

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