December 10, 2009

A dream came true (Part 2)

Continuing from here....

So we arrived at Bâlea Waterfall as you can see on the map (which I found on There we left the bikes outside and we went in for a cup of hot tea :)

After a short rest we hit the road again. The road was closed and the view got better after each corner.

The last 5-6 kilometers were on snow. This is were the climb got harder. At first it was a lot of fun but the last few kilometers were a little hard, especially the last km were the snow was bigger so I had to let some air out of the tires.

At the Bâlea Lake we left the bikes outside and went in to warm up and eat something. After that we took some pictures and started the descent because it started to get dark.

Stats(Bâlea Lake):
    - time: 2:58:03
    - distance: 32,43 km
    - avg speed: 10,9 km/h

The descent was cool. It was slippery and long so I got tired. But when I got to the dry road it was a lot of fun again :D

The best thing was that the road was closed and I could cut the corners as I wanted, another dream came true. Since I saw how the pro riders cut the corners on the TdF I wanted to cut the corners like that. There was a little fog on the way  and it even rained a little and half of the descent was in the dark (at the waterfall I had to mount my lamp) but it was one of the coolest descents :D

    - time: 4:02:24
    - distance: 63,81 km
    - avg speed: 15,7 km/h

    - max speed: 54 km/h (I didn't have my tires inflated)

This was one of the coolest rides this year and I hope I will climb that mountain many more times :)
More pictures here.

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