December 19, 2009

First Snow

It's finally Saturday! I was waiting for this day since it started snowing, I wanted to go for a ride in the white forest :D

The weather was ok, it was just under 0 Celsius. When i got to the forest it was a  pleasant surprise that people were using the trail, there were some atv tire marks all over the forest. This was good because the snow was to big, when I went into the fresh snow I was instantly slipping :)

The trail was slippery were the snow was big and were the climb was steep. After some slipping and pushing I got to the top of the hill.

There was a guy with a dog in the forest so i asked him to take a picture of me :)  The snow on my favorite training trail was a bit bigger so it was more slippery and more fun :D

I hope I can go again for a ride and I will put in my bottle hot tea because the water was a little frozen when I got home :D

    - time: 1:14:43
    - distance: 12,09 km
    - avg speed: 9,7 km/h

More pics here

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