January 29, 2010

Thank God Its Friday

January 28, 2010

A good movie :)

Last night I saw the movie Julie & Julia. It is a good movie, a nice comedy with a lot of food :D

Food is one of my hobbies, I love to eat food, I love to cook food and probably you will see food on this blog in the future :D

A new IThing

Yesterday Apple launched a new IThing a cool gadget named IPad. It is an IPod Touch on steroids with some new features like reading eBooks. You can read more about the IPad on the Apple site.

January 27, 2010

The snow cleaner

By LOL Wizard


Click here:
- Pictures at -40C
- Wrong ads

Bill Gates an Intel

Bill Gates is tweeting:

Intel joke:

I would like to use Ubuntu instead of windows in the future and I'm an AMD fan :D
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January 26, 2010

RIP Dart 2

I killed my fork :((

Yesterday I took my bike to the service. They took apart my fork and they said it is dead. I killed my fork in about 3700 km. It was once in the service at about 2600 km. But the problem was that the winter came. The snow and dirt from the road got into the fork and ruined it. Now I have to look for a new fork. This one will keep getting me to work but in time it will get worst so I need to change it in the spring. I hope I can find a good fork at a good price considering that there are sales everywhere at this time of the year :)

A joke with a fok :

Funny pics

it's never to early

What can you do in a traffic jam?

LE: The traffic jam picture is not Photoshop!!! I saw this guy on tv last night, and it is a motor bike :)

January 25, 2010

Riding in the snow

Sunday I went for a ride with my friend Bálint on one of our favorite trails. It is similar with this route but we usually get back on the same trail in the forest. The weather was fine, the trail was slippery (I had to let some air out of my rear tire) and we had a lot of fun. The bike was slipping (once I had to jump off because it slipped on some ice), it was all over the place but this is what makes winter riding so much fun :D

Here are the best pics:

    - time: 2:25:11
    - distance: 24,55 km
    - avg speed: 10,1 km/h

    - max speed: 31,4 km/h

You can see all the pics here.

January 22, 2010

Cool js

FishEye is a very cool js, jQuery magic. I saw this about a year ago and today I've found it on another site so I looked up the code. This is how I found this site. Check it out it's very cool, I hope I can use it in one of my future projects.

January 21, 2010

Have you ever wondered how to automatically repeat a video in YouTube?

Have you had a favorite song that you wanted to listen over and over again? Today you can find all songs on YouTube, but you always have to click on repeat. But there is a solution!

You have to do 2 thing:
- first you have to install the Greasemonkey extension (if you don't have it already)
- then you have to install Loopy for YouTube

Now you have a loop button under the YouTube player :D


Go Acer!

Acer is one of my favorite brands. I have an old Acer laptop at home and I'm using an Acer laptop with an acer LCD at work :)

US IT brands may be gone in 20 years' time due to an inability to produce the low-priced PCs, Acer's founder has said

"The trend for low-priced computers will last for the coming years," said Stan Shih, high tech entrepreneur and founder of the island's leading personal computer brand according to the Taipei-based Commercial Times newspaper.
"But US computer makers just don't know how to put such products on the market... US computer brands may disappear over the next 20 years, just like what happened to US television brands."
Acer outperformed US-based Dell as the world's second-largest computer vendor last year and is likely to replace Hewlett-Packard, also of the US, as the No. 1 vendor in 2011, according to Taipei-based industry publication Digitimes.

January 20, 2010

I got a feeling

Watch the original here.

Funny videos

Arnold tries to kill Jay leno

Gas station fire extinguisher

January 19, 2010

Nolan's Cheddar

Surfing on YouTube

Yesterday (while I was waiting for Eclipse to finish some stuff) I was surfing on YouTube. I found some interesting videos:

Iron Man 2 Trailer - Iron man was a pretty cool movie

Miley Cyrus - Party In The U.S.A.

Britains Got Talent - Connie Talbot, age 6

And I found a video today :)

January 18, 2010

Photo shoot with my new bike

I went Saturday for a short ride. It was pretty cold and at Acatari there was a little fog. With this occasion I took some pictures with my new bike. Actually the bike is not new, I changed only the handlebars. Now I have flat xc handlebars. The new handlebar is Truvativ XR with X-Mission bar ends. The position on the bike is lower, more aerodynamic. It is easier to climb and a harder on the downhill. I have to get used to control the bike with this shorter and flat handlebar and my back was hearting from the lower position :)

Here are the pics:

All the pics here.

Nabb goes on Twitter

You can now find me on twitter :)

And I am using twitterfeed to post my blog posts on twitter.

PS:I am searching for an app that syncs twitter with my yahoo messenger.

January 15, 2010

Car commercials

Audi A6

Opel Corsa Race Color Edition

Making of the commercial of a car that i would like to buy...

The new Opel Astra

January 14, 2010

CES Fail

Braking the unbreakable phone :D

January 13, 2010

Win 7

What is faster in the city?

A race between a car, a boat, public transportation and a bike. Guess who wins :D

January 12, 2010

More pics from the Transfagarasan

Thanks to hoinarii, muti & scavitza for these pics from the Transfagarasan.

posing :D

All the pics here.

How to...

... go on vacation ...

... while the baby is secured :D

January 11, 2010

Early spring...

Saturday I went for a ride on my favorite asphalt training route, to Balauseri. I've made a map of the route on bikemap.net (click here to see it).

The weather was perfect it was even a little to warm, I took my gloves off on the longer climbs. The road was   a bit wet and the side of the road was very dirty. I even slipped when a truck was passing me, luckily I managed to stop it and didn't end up under the truck :D

I got to Balauseri very fast it took me only 54 minutes (if I'm not mistaking I was doing 55 minutes with my road bike) so I'm looking forward for this season :D  I think the training on the trainer is very helpful and I can't wait to see how much time will it take me to get to Balauseri on my road bike. To bad the roads are still to dirty for the road bike...  I was feeling very good on the bike, it's been a long time since I went out with my spd shoes. I have a lot of power in my legs but I still have to work on increasing my stamina.

    - time: 1:51:55
    - distance: 44,51 km
    - avg speed: 23,8 km/h

    - max speed: 56,8 km/h - I wanted to catch the magical 60 but with my mtb and offroad tires it was too hard :(

Feliz Navidad

January 9, 2010


January 8, 2010

La la

A lite song for this light weather :D  Tomorrow there will be 11 degrees Celsius!!! So I'll be on the E60 because the forest is muddy :)

"... everybody in the house loves to like the la la ..."

January 5, 2010

The song of the day

"The past is history, the future is mystery and today is a gift." 

And The Making of:

January 4, 2010

Good bye 2009, Welcome 2010!

I wish you a Happy New Year and many kilometers on two wheels!!!

2009 was an average year, with some bad parts and few good thing. The good thing from last year were a visit to Boston, buying a mtb, I started racing and a lot of cool rides. The main achievements were that I climbed the highest road in the country(Transalpina) and the famous Transfagarasan.

Stats for last year(about 4000 km):
    - 3516,7 km on my mtb bike
    - about 200 km on the trainer
    - a few hundred km on the road bike, the clock is now at 2463,3
    - and a few hundred kilometers on other bikes

My goals for this year are some longer rides(more than one day) and a podium finish   :D


Carbon is for the pros and for people with a lot of money... It is on my wishlist :D


Tik Tok

There is a cool bike in this clip :D

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