January 11, 2010

Early spring...

Saturday I went for a ride on my favorite asphalt training route, to Balauseri. I've made a map of the route on bikemap.net (click here to see it).

The weather was perfect it was even a little to warm, I took my gloves off on the longer climbs. The road was   a bit wet and the side of the road was very dirty. I even slipped when a truck was passing me, luckily I managed to stop it and didn't end up under the truck :D

I got to Balauseri very fast it took me only 54 minutes (if I'm not mistaking I was doing 55 minutes with my road bike) so I'm looking forward for this season :D  I think the training on the trainer is very helpful and I can't wait to see how much time will it take me to get to Balauseri on my road bike. To bad the roads are still to dirty for the road bike...  I was feeling very good on the bike, it's been a long time since I went out with my spd shoes. I have a lot of power in my legs but I still have to work on increasing my stamina.

    - time: 1:51:55
    - distance: 44,51 km
    - avg speed: 23,8 km/h

    - max speed: 56,8 km/h - I wanted to catch the magical 60 but with my mtb and offroad tires it was too hard :(

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