February 9, 2010

Calling 911

There is a time in a men's life when he has to call the emergency number, 112 (the same as 911) in my area :)

Saturday I went for a ride in the forest. I went on my favorite trail, to Terebici. It was a nice day, it wasn't cold at all. Before I got to the forest I had to go through some mud to. It was funny when I got to some ice. I was wearing my spd shoes and they are useless on slippery surfaces. The trail in the forest was ok (it was a mix of snow and ice), I didn't have to push the bike at all. Here are some of the pics from the road:

When I was returning I saw three guys cutting a tree. The forest is very ugly recently because of these people who are stealing. I got a little angry and I stopped. I was thinking what should I do... Then I went a little further and I wanted to call 112. I was looking to see what is happening. They stopped and started coming towards me. I've put the phone in my pocket and I didn't stop until I got out of the forest. Near the Zoo there is a police station (a box :D) and I told the police man what I saw. He suggested me to call the emergency number because he didn't have the proper car to go after the guys. So I called 112 and they promised that they will send somebody to investigate. I'm not sure that happened, but I hope I scared those guys and the tree survived :)

After this incident, on my way back to the city I saw a rabbit. That rabbit compared to the rabbits my father has at home was huge. This was the first time I saw a rabbit in the forest :D

Take care, and don't hesitate to protect the nature!

LE: All the pics here.


    - time: 1:33:51
    - distance: 20,83 km
    - avg speed: 13,3 km/h

    - max speed: 38,4 km/h (this was  very scary :D)

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