February 5, 2010

My training

The opening of this year's season is comming fast so I started training more and harder. Now I'm doing two rides on the trainer every week, two rides of one and a half hour. This week I was very happy because I passed the psychological barrier of 45 kilometer, the distance has increased above 46 km. My average speed is getting higher to, on Tuesday my average speed was 30,8 km/h and yesterday it was 30.7 km/h. I think that in a few weeks I will change the difficulty level of the trainer :)

Besides the trainer rides I try to get out in the forest every weekend at least once. Two weeks I started practicing again one of my other favorite sports, bodybuilding. I go every Saturday morning and do a good workout. This is good for having more strength in my hand and building some back muscles for the harder rides. Last weekend I bought ice skates, which is very good to tone the inner thighs and it is a lot of fun :)

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