March 23, 2010

Another simple recipe - steamed cabbage

I bought some pickled cabbage on Friday, but it didn't taste so good so I decided to cook it. It's pretty easy to make steamed cabbage but it take s a long time (about an hour). First you need to put a chopped onions in some oil. After a few minutes you can add the thinly sliced cabbage. If the cabbage is pickled you only need to add water, if the cabbage is fresh you need to add some vinegar and sugar. You can add some caraway to. After this you cook the cabbage until it gets soft. To cook it faster you have to put the lid on the pot. You can stir it every 10 minutes and if the water evaporates you put some more.

I had some leftover chicken so I chopped it up and heated it up in some olive oil. It was very delicious, this is how it looked like:

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