March 5, 2010


Bodybuilding is one of my favorite sports, I've been doing it for a few months almost every year since the 1st year of university. This year I am doing it slightly different because I developed a cycling specific workout. So about 80% of the exercises and the style of the exercises (smaller weights more repetitions) are meant to improve my stamina on the bike and only about 20% to build some extra muscles.

I only do upper body exercises once a week. I'm planning to do this twice or three times a week at the end of this month. The main exercises are meant to make my back muscles, triceps and abs stronger, these muscles are the most important for a biker.

Here is the list of the exercises I usually do after a short warm up, I do 4 series of 10 repetitions of each exercise:
1. Chest exercises:
 - bench press or incline bench press
 - butterfly
2. Shoulders
 - shoulder press
3. Back muscles:
 - wide-grip pulldown behind the neck and wide-grip lat pulldown (about 10 and 8 repetitions)
 - seated cable rows
4. Triceps:
 - triceps pushdown and cable overhead triceps extension (about 10 and 8 repetitions)
 - cable one arm triceps extension
5. Biceps:
 - dumbbell alternate bicep curl and alternate hammer curl (about 10 and 10 repetitions)
6. Abs:
 - leg raise on parallel bars - I do this between the repetitions of the bench press
 - ab crunch machine - I do this between the repetitions of the seated cable rows (this is good for the lower back to)
 - ab twist - I do this between the repetitions of the first back muscle exercises

This training is about one hour long and after this I usually drink a protein shake :)

You can find all these exercises here.

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