March 3, 2010

Budiu Mic

A few weeks ago I met a guy (on the bike) who suggested me this route. It a nice and short route. Budiu Mic is a village at a few hundred meters from Targu Mures with great potential. It is very close to the city, it is a small city with a lot of land so in a few year I'm sure it will become a suburb, who know maybe I will build a house there (day dreaming...)

Until I got out of the city the road was very bad but I liked the view.

The wind was very strong until I got to the first hill and my stomach was burning from the chilies I had at lunch but it was a nice ride.

    - time: 1:01:22
    - distance: 24,86 km
    - avg speed: 24,3 km/h

    - max speed: 51,1 km/h (cool )

More pics here.

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