March 30, 2010

The first real spring day

Saturday was a very beautiful day. the sun was shining, there were about 20 degrees Celsius so it was a perfect day for some outdoor fun. After I got the keys for my new apartment (only renting it) I headed for the forest with my friend Bálint.

The trail was mostly dry but there was some mud but not like last week. I missed those fast downhills in the forest and I will definitely improve my top speed when the trail will be cleaned (a lot of branches are on the trail).Spring is definitely here, one part of the forest ground was covered by violets, the ground was blue :)

Here are some pics with my new fork (2009 Rock Shox Reba SL Dual Air):

There was some mud in our way but I least I got some pics with the dears (click on the pictures) :)

After a sandwich  and a short rest while admiring  the view I went fishing.

The fishing lake was at about 10 kilometers from the city so I could improve my average speed for the day :D I've caught this huge fish :D

After some great food and a beer and some quality rest I went home happy :D

    - time: 2:41:15
    - distance: 50,15 km 
    - average speed: 18,6 km/h (after the forest ride this was only 13,6 km/h)
    - max speed 51,6 km/h (in the forest :D)

More pics  here.

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