March 24, 2010

First ride in the forest

Saturday I went for a ride in the forest, this was the first ride in the forest this year after the snow has melted. I should have waited one more week for the trail to dry but... On the first climb it felt like the bike was glued to the ground :(

I was hopping that when I get at a higher altitude the trail will be dryer but I was wrong. The bike was all over  the place so instead of a fast fun ride that I expected it turned out to be a vary hard and technical ride. If I was riding on trail it was so hard that my muscles were on fire, if I was riding beside the trail there were a lot of holes and branches on the ground. The mud was sticking to my bike, so I stopped to clean it a bit and to take some pics.

The forest had a rotten wood smell and I thought that spring is far far away, but I was wrong once more. Going deeper in the forest I saw a lot of flower everywhere. 

This is the Dog tooth lily (Erythronium dens-canis - I had to look it up on Wikipedia :P). On the margins of the forest there was some snow left.

On the way home I passed a bone field, somebody or something had a feast here :)

This is how the bike looked when I got home:

I tried to draw the map of this ride on bikemap, the forest part of this map is not so accurate :)

    - time: 1:39:25
    - distance: 22,74 km
    - average speed: 13,7 km/h
    - max speed 41,8 km/h

More pics  here.

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