March 13, 2010

I've missed the road

It's been a long time since I had the chance to go for a ride. It was raining and snowing for a way to long time. I've missed the road a lot but today the weather was pretty ok, there were about 5 degrees Celsius so I went for a ride to Acatari. At the beginning it was warm enough but when I got out of the city it was a little colder and the wind got stronger, my hands were frozen on the way back home :(

There is still some snow left on the hills and in the woods but the road was dry. Here are some pics from today:

    - time: 56:43
    - distance: 23,06 km
    - avg speed: 24,4 km/h
    - max speed: 51,4 km/h (at this speed the wind was very strong and the air got very cold so it was a little hard to breathe)

After the ride I enjoyed some delicious home made spaghetti. More pics from the ride and with the spaghetti here.

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