March 25, 2010

Long ride on Sunday

This Sunday after I went for a ride in the forest and my bike got very dirty I decided that I'll go home to my parents and wash it. It was a very nice day  and the first 10 kilometers went by easy. But then the wind got very strong and I've slowed down to about 20km/h. I was hoping that after I climb the hill and descend into the valley the wind will disappear. But I was wrong and the wing got even stronger, so i slowed down even more. This way I got home in almost one hour and 50 minute, which is about 10 minutes slower than my usual time for this distance. One important thing happened on the way home, the overall distance that I've made on this bike is now more than 4000 km :)

    - time: 1:47:42
    - distance: 38,35 km
    - average speed: 21,3 km/h
    - max speed 47,2 km/h

After a short rest and a great lunch I've headed back to Targu Mures. The wind were good winds, helping me from behind so I was way faster. I got home in a record time, 20 minutes faster.

    - time: 1:27:19
    - distance: 37,83 km
    - average speed: 26 km/h !!!

    - max speed 50,5 km/h 

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