March 13, 2010

A simple spaghetti recipe

Spaghetti is a very tasty food and it is very good for you if you practice some kind of sports like bike riding because it has a lot of carbs.

Here is a simple recipe that you can make in about 30 minutes. You need some ground meat (pork or beef I like  the  mixed), an onion, some garlic and tomato sauce. First you need to chop the onion and put it the pot with some olive oil for a few minutes. Then put the meat in the pot and stir until the meat turns brow. At this point you can season the food with the garlic, some chili, salt & pepper, paprika and my favorite spice bay leaves. after the meat got brown you can add the  tomato sauce and you can season it with oregano and basil. When the meat is cooked you put it on the cooked spaghetti. Enjoy :)

For some extra taste you can use some carrots and red or green peppers.

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