April 12, 2010

Another simple recipe - Layered potatoes

There is an old tradition in Transylvania, at Easter the men and boys go and water the women and girls. Int he past they used water but now we use perfume. The boys are rewarded with painted eggs (usually red). When I was younger I used to collect a lot of eggs so after each easter my mom cooked layered potatoes.

All you need is some cooked potatoes, boiled eggs, sour cream and condiments (salt and pepper). I like to add some spicy salami (Szegediner Paprika Salami - it's like pepperoni) which gives some extra flavor to this dish. For an extra kick I added some grounded chili paste to.  Basically you just have to layer these ingredients in a pot, one layer of sliced potatoes, then one layer of sliced eggs and one layer of salami and on top the sour cream. After this you put the  pot into  the oven for about 30 minutes. This is how it looked like:

The last time (about a year ago) I cooked this this I was in Boston. Here are some pics:
You can put cheese on top

More food pics here.

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  1. this is not something to be seen when you are hungry :(((


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