April 23, 2010

Car vs Bike

I live in Romania, a country where the bike is considered by a few drivers a thing that doesn't belong on the road. I was surprised when I was in the Netherlands and I was in a car and we were driving after a bike until the road got very wide and it was very safe to pass the bike.

The following story happened yesterday (in Romania) on my training route Targu Mures - Acatari - Targu Mures. In Corunca (it is almost like a suburb) they are laying some pipes on the side of the road so there are some signs on the side of the road. Everybody is in a hurry these days and some drivers don't like the bikers so they sound their horn and the biker should get out of their way. It happened this to me twice, I cursed both drivers but the second car stopped. I wasn't looking for trouble so I just passed the car. But he wasn't giving up so easy so when he passed me he was yelling. I was yelling back and right when he almost accelerated I called him a mutt (a stupid person) and that made him very angry so he stopped again. He got out of the car shouting and came to me and he hit me. I'm not used to fighting (I haven't had a fight for a long-long time) and I always wandered what would I do (too many action movies) and now I found out. I had a pretty good reflex, I raised my arm and he barely touched me because I blocked the blow.

After he left I felt bad that I didn't take at least one picture of the guy or the car. I was hoping that he will stop somewhere and I can take a picture. As I begun the descent to Acatari I saw a police car in the first parking place and after that I saw the car. So I stopped and and took a picture:

When I climbed the hill the cars were still there, I wanted to climb the hill twice but I stopped because I was afraid that on the second descent the guy will hit or scare me. I started talking with the police man and I told him what happened. He talked with the driver but the guy didn't want to admit anything. I found out (from the police) that he got a big ticket (about 100 €) because he didn't pay the road tax :)

Everybody gets from his life what he deserves. :)

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  1. One of the 'Samantzar' categories. Got a bare-bone car and thinks he already owns the country and all it's roads. They are dangerous also to cars not only to bikers. Actually,regardless of being in their car or not, they are pretty much dangerous to everybody around them.


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