April 13, 2010

First ride

Saturday the weather was nice for a few hours so I decided go for a ride with my road bike, the first ride with this bike this year. I went on my usual training route (to Acatari) but I wasn't feeling good on the bike, I didn't like the position of the pedals (I tweaked it yesterday), the seat was in the wrong position and the handlebars were in the wrong place. Although I didn't feel good on the bike and the wind got stronger (the storm was coming) I managed to get my average speed up to 26 km/h and my top speed to 56 km/h. But it was worth it to climb the hill to Acatari, the spring is definitely here, everything is green and there are flowers everywhere.

    - time: 50:45
    - distance: 22,04 km 
    - average speed: 26 km/h
    - max speed 56 km/h

More pics here.

When I got home I noticed something interesting, I have traveled 3000 km with my road bike :D :

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