April 23, 2010

A nice inn hidden in the forest

I saw this inn about two years ago and for some time I was planning a bike ride to eat some cordon bleu there. So I hopped on the bike on Saturday...

On the way I saw my friends, the deers:

The weather was great, Spring is beautiful and I was going fast, I was climbing the hills at about 18-20 km/h :)

I headed to Sighisoara, but right before it I turned right towards Medias, I had traveled  52 kilometers at that point. After 4 more kilometers I took a left turn onto some dirt road

I had just a few kilometers to go on that road and then I got to the inn. I wasn't lucky because it is closed until next month :(
    - time: 2:22:53
    - distance: 59,30 km 
    - average speed: 24,9 km/h
    - max speed 63,7 km/h

I started to get tired and hungry so I started searching for a restaurant. I've found a very nice restaurant on the side of the road. It had also a hotel and a gas station. 
I had some bean soup (I didn't really liked it) and cordon bleu with fries and some salad. The cordon bleu was pretty good and the waiter was nice and fast so I definitely recommend this place for a quick bite.

After some rest I was back on the road again. Sadly I blew out my legs, I was kind of curious what distance can I ride on high speed, I can ride about 65 kilometers. The wind wasn't helping either it was so powerful that I slowed down very much, I was struggling to keep a decent speed.

    - time: 5:03:44
    - distance: 117,03 km 
    - average speed: 23,1 km/h
    - max speed 63,7 km/h

More pics here.

I'll be back! Maybe next month I will eat cordon bleu in the forest :)

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