April 28, 2010

One year!

It's been a year since I started racing. Now I'm preparing for the second edition of the race which infected me with the racing bug. Last year I didn't have much training (I just bought my mtb), I didn't have a lot of skills, I didn't have spd pedals, I didn't have a lot of things... But I did well, at first I was a little afraid to pass the other riders (I still have to work on that) but then I got my rhythm and I finished 14th in my category, only 10 minutes behind the leader (the course was 12 kilometers long).

This year I have more skills, more training, better bike (new fork and handlebars) and I want to finish higher. This year there are two courses, a 10 kilometer and a 20 kilometer course. I'm preparing for the longer course but if it's raining I may change my mind :)

Some pictures from last year:

All the pics here.


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