April 27, 2010

The recipe of the week

If I'm home in the weekend I have to cook up something :D

Sunday I've made grilled salmon on top of baby carrots. It's another simple dish (and it was delicious), all you need is some salmon file (about 150 grams per serving), some baby carrots (mine was frozen), a lemon, butter, olive oil and spices. 

I've seasoned the fish with salt and pepper and some lemon juice and then I've cooked it in olive oil and butter (I couldn't decide which is better so I mixed them) for about 10 minute - it depends on how thick is the fish.

I've cooked the frozen baby carrots in water and I added butter, oregano, parsley and salt (I think I added some lemon juice to).

Serve with lemon slices:
Bon Appétit!

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