April 12, 2010

Targu Mures spa review

This weekend the weather was bad, it was raining almost all weekend so I went for a swim on Sunday. There are three wellness clubs (spa) in Targu Mures, one at each exit point of the city.

This is not an ad so there are no links or exact addresses for these spas :). Yesterday I went for a swim so now I know the advantage of each spa:

- Aqua rock spa - this place has a very relaxing atmosphere, the lighting and the colors are perfect to instantly relax you
- Apollo wellness club - here you get the most value for your money, they have a pool with salt water :D
- Aqua day spa - being on top of a hotel this spa has an amazing view

If you would ask me were will I go next time for a swim, I will answer Aqua day spa. I liked the view very much, the only mistake I've made that I bought the ticket only for 2 hours. But even two hours in the swimming pool (with some jacuzzi style blowers) and  the finish sauna (I don't really like the saunas but this was ok) and a strawberry shake were enough to relax me so it didn't bother me that I had to ride home in the rain (I don't like to ride on the bike in the rain).

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