May 3, 2010

Campu Cetatii - the hard way

Saturday I went for a ride, I wanted to get to Campu Cetatii where a few friends were having a party.

First I climbed to the Zoo and I was hopping that I can see track for the race from the next day. I found the trail and I followed it for about 10 kilometers. Then I started my gps and I headed for Campu Cetatii in the forest.

After being lost for a few times and asking the locals for directions I got up to 1100 meters (said the gps) to the Becheci (Bekecs) peak.
The battery from my camera wasn't charged so I couldn't take pictures but it was so beautiful that I'll be visiting that mountain again :)

A long down hill followed the long climb and after more than 6 hours (it should have been less than 2 and a half hours on the paved road) I got to my final destination to the Nomad Camp which was an extraordinary experience.

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