May 5, 2010


Sunday I was racing in my home town. I was tired because the day before I had a long ride and in the morning I had another ride of about 45 kilometers, I had to get home from Campu Cetatii.

I got to the start about a half hour before the race. I was a little tired but I was feeling good so I started fast. I was going well until the half of the race but than I had a cramp. I lost some time until it passed but after that my legs started to hurt. I slowed down a bit and then I got lost. The marking were missing but two guys caught me and I followed them. One of them stopped in front of me and I've hit the brakes. At that moment my thighs started to hurt very much. I jumped of the bike and I was rolling on the ground screaming. These were the most pailful cramps I ever had. Another racer got to me and helped me stretch my legs a bit. After a few minutes the pain was gone and I started pushing the bike up the hill. I lost a lot of time and I was thinking of quitting the race. But I got to the top of the hill and I could finish the race.

I've finished in 17th place in my age group. There were a few pros at this race so this is a good result. I could have done better if I wouldn't be so tired, I think I could have finished in the top 10.

Here is a picture after the finish with my colleagues from work (I hope I will get more pics later):
and a YouTube video:

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