June 14, 2010

I love all you can find scrambled eggs

Usually Saturdays I make scrambled eggs for breakfast. I put everything I can find in the fridge (that fits) in the pan and pour the eggs on it. I like the summer because I can make some really good salads for the eggs. This is my breakfast from last Saturday:
In the scrambled eggs I've put:
 - sausages
 - tomatoes
 - garlic
 - green onions
 - green chili
 - black olives
 - cheese
 - salt, pepper and paprika
 - some wine
 - eggs
 - chopped parsley leaves on top

The salad:
 - green onions
 - tomatoes
 - cucumbers
 - white radish
 - salt and vinegar
 - chopped basil on top

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