June 2, 2010

A ride to Praid

This weekend I went to Praid to a friend's birthday. The road was good and the ride was pretty nice. On the way there I was delayed by a bit of rain and I had to get off the road once because a truck was passing a truck :(
    - time: 2:23:44 (with a stop 2:30)
    - distance: 68,22 km
    - average speed: 28,4 km/h
    - max speed 60,2 km/h

On the way back I was faster, mainly because the vertical climb was smaller. You can find the route here.

    - time: 2:17:00
    - distance: 65,25 km
    - average speed: 28,5 km/h
    - max speed 56,9 km/h

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