June 16, 2010

This is what keeps me from going crazy :D

What keep you sane in this fast moving world filled with stress?
This is my medicine, about an hour of riding relaxes me. No mater how tired or stressed I am it always helps. Exercise in general has been shown to decrease anxiety and stress levels, and bicycling is a fun way to exercise. Another benefit in stress reduction is that it keeps you out of traffic jams :D

Any regular exercise can reduce stress and depression and improve well being and self esteem. Cycling outdoors is also a good way to be one with nature and to feel the breath of the earth. It takes one’s mind out of everyday-life stress and rejuvenates his soul.

Other health benefits of cycling:
1. Promotes a Healthy Heart
2. Improves Blood Chemistry, including HDL, “good” cholesterol”
3. Lowers Blood Pressure.
4. Decreases Risk of Cancer.
5. Builds Stronger Bones.
6. Reduces the Chance of Diabetes
7. Promotes Greater Muscle Strength.
8. Reduces Stress.
9. Decreases Chronic Pain (arthritis, back pain, and more)
10. Improves digestion, lung function and joint flexibility

I was inspired by experienceplus.com and adultbicycling.com.

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