July 15, 2010

Why do people use the elevator?

Are they afraid to move?
I don't really get it... Yesterday when I got home I heard some elder people talking, they wanted to go to the second floor with the elevator. But why? I don't think they were in a hurry and they didn't have big bags...

I live in a 10 story building on the 5th floor. I only use the elevator when I'm in a hurry or I have to carry something heavy (groceries, bikes). Even if I have to go up to the 10th floor to pay my bills I use the stairs and when I have to go down with my mtb I use the stairs, I get the bike on the rear wheel and it bounces nicely down the stairs.

I understand that elder people get tired when they use the stairs but they don't realise that if they have time that is a great workout and it is very healty. But not just the elder people use the elevators...

And you can save some energy to if you don't use the stairs so it's less CO2 if you use the staris and the electric bill is smaller :)

So STOP using the stairs and get some quick workout!

1 comment:

  1. "So STOP using the stairs and get some quick workout!"

    Na most mar dontsd el :)


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