November 3, 2010

At home

Last Friday I flew home for the weekend. Monday morning, before the flight back I went out for a ride. I like to ride in autumn because I like those beautiful colors.
The forest was a little sad but the weather was nice. It was a nice test ride, I was testing my post season legs, I had a very long break, about a month since the last ride and I was testing my new tires also.

At the last race I destroyed my Race Kings (the post about the last race is coming soon) and I had a set of Town and Country under the bed. I wanted to bring the bike to Berlin so I thought it would be a good choice especially that I wanted to bring the trainer to.
They are pretty good tires. If you need a tire that is good on the tarmac (this is very fast) and sometimes you want to go in the fores this is a good choice. I slipped a few times but the tires helped a lot and I didn't fell. What I don't like about these tires is the comfort. I don't think that I will buy a new set after this one. The Race King is more comfortable and it is very fast on the road and pretty good in off road. I think that the main difference is that the Town and Country is more durable than the Race King.
This was the first time in the forest after my bike had a little upgrade. I had to change the cassette and the chain because it had over 6000 km and the chain started to jump. I also had to change the middle chainring and the rear hub. The Cassette is XT and the chain is XTR. After the first pedals I could feel the difference, before I had Deore :)

PS: If somebody says that the bike makes only your legs stronger is a liar because all my muscles area little stiff now :)

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