January 28, 2011

Chili pasta

As I was reading the other day on Wikipedia I'm not the only one who thought about serving chili with pasta :)
My chili con carne recipe is like this:
- I put some onions in hot oil
- after a few minutes add some chopped carrots and peppers
- then I like to use mixed ground meat (pig + cow) about half kg
- season wit salt, pepper, garlic, paprika and of course chili
- after the meat gets brown you can add the tomato sauce or chopped tomatoes
- add some bay leafs, basil an oregano
- add the beans and the corn
- boil this about a half hour

You can serve it on pasta like I did or with bread or fries. I like to add some cheese on top and sour creme with onions.

Bon appetit!

January 27, 2011

One in 7 Billion

Via www.buhnici.ro

January 26, 2011

Winter on my favorite training path

Sunday I was in the forest and I took some pictures. I hope the snow won't melt and I can go for a ride this weekend.

January 25, 2011

A few new song with retro taste

Like this song here are a few songs with a little retro sound. Like a lot of other people I enjoy sometimes some retro songs and I like very much these new songs seasoned with some old spices :)

January 19, 2011

January 17, 2011

Two ways of pasta

This is an idea that I got in Berlin. First I made a simple pasta sauce. The sauce was made like this:
- put some onions in hot oil
- add sliced ham
- add chopped mushrooms
- season with garlic, basil, oregano, bay leafs, salt, pepper
- add tomato sauce or chopped tomatoes

After cooking the pasta you can serve it:
But there is another way, you can put the pasta with the sauce in the oven. Don't forget to put plenty of cheese on top ;)
Enjoy :)

January 14, 2011

Dreaming of spring...

It is cold and wet outside and I am dreaming of riding in the forest...

I have some old pics that I took on one of the last rides, before moving to Berlin and after upgrading the bike. The upgrade wasn't just an upgrade, I had to change the chain and the cassette because the chain had started to jump after about 6000 kilometers. I bought an XT cassette and an XTR chain. The middle chainring and the brake pads were changed also. Here are the pictures that I took near the castle in Targu Mures:

January 12, 2011

Cool bike pics

This is a great advertising for a bike shop:
Via copenhagenize.com.

From a Bike Messenger Calender:
Via cyclingisgoodforyou.blogspot.com.

January 9, 2011


Last week I went to see one of my favorite mountains in the region, Bucin. It is only at 90 km from were I live and I've climbed up there a few times with the bike and even slept there in a cabin. This time I went up with the car.
I didn't ride with a sled for a long time so it was a lot of fun. This place is very beautiful in the winter to. Here are some great pictures:

January 7, 2011

White forest

Last week I went for a ride in the forest. Everything was white so it was very beautiful. I wanted to go out for a ride because I could see this from my window:
 Here are some pics from this ride:

January 5, 2011

A new...

A new year is here with a lot of new things. Last month I moved home from Berlin (that is why I didn't post for a while). My job there was done, so I bought a car, packed up everything, including the bikes and drove home (about 1500km). I had a lot of fun driving, except when I couldn't see very well.
But what about the last year? As I wrote about a year ago I will sum up my activities on two wheels from last year:

Stats for last year(about 5000 km, up from 4000 a year before):
    -about 2900 km on my mtb bike (I don't know exactly because i had to change the battery), the clock is now at 6373
    - a few hundred kilometers on the trainer
    - 1823 kilometers on the road bike, I had more action this year on the pavement, the clock is now at 4286
    - and a few hundred kilometers on my "new" city bike :D

I missed my goal last year, I didn't have a podium finish but I was so close. I finished a race in September in 4th place, but I will write about this later. So my main goals for this year is  a podium finish. I would also like to have some longer rides and some rides in the mountains. I would also like to climb the Transfagarasan with my road bike (on both sides).

January 4, 2011

The power of CSS3

Take a look at these pages in Chrome or Safari or other webkit based browsers:
 - Our solar system
Via Doctype.

January 3, 2011

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