January 5, 2011

A new...

A new year is here with a lot of new things. Last month I moved home from Berlin (that is why I didn't post for a while). My job there was done, so I bought a car, packed up everything, including the bikes and drove home (about 1500km). I had a lot of fun driving, except when I couldn't see very well.
But what about the last year? As I wrote about a year ago I will sum up my activities on two wheels from last year:

Stats for last year(about 5000 km, up from 4000 a year before):
    -about 2900 km on my mtb bike (I don't know exactly because i had to change the battery), the clock is now at 6373
    - a few hundred kilometers on the trainer
    - 1823 kilometers on the road bike, I had more action this year on the pavement, the clock is now at 4286
    - and a few hundred kilometers on my "new" city bike :D

I missed my goal last year, I didn't have a podium finish but I was so close. I finished a race in September in 4th place, but I will write about this later. So my main goals for this year is  a podium finish. I would also like to have some longer rides and some rides in the mountains. I would also like to climb the Transfagarasan with my road bike (on both sides).

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