February 23, 2011

10 day detox program

I decided that I will do a 10 day detox program. There are so many benefits of a detoxifying program that it is very hard to enumerate all. The main benefit is that you get healthy :)
This is what I am going to eat for ten days:

Wednesday: 1,5 kg apples
Thursday: 0,5 kg Bologna sausage (chicken)
Friday: 0,5 kg cheese
Saturday: 1,5 kg cooked potatoes
Sunday: 0,5 kg cooked beef
Monday: 5 slices of toast and one liter of milk
Tuesday: 10 boiled eggs
Wednesday: 5 slices of toast and one liter of tea
Thursday: 0,5 kg hot dog (chicken sausage)
Friday: 0,75 kg curd cheese

I will drink only water.

 The program starts on Wednesday so you can eat something good in the weekend (people are used to eating potatoes and meat). I already started the program, today I had 3 apples and so far everything is ok.


  1. Tuesday: 10 boiled eggs

    Good God man! Detox, detox, but take care of that liver! 10 eggs isn't healthy!
    Got a better idea, wait 'till the spring and detox then, with salads. Gotta love salads. With meat. And eggs. And beer. Aaaaand enough!

  2. Eggs are not so bad for your health especially when you don't mix it with something else. And somebody who tried this program sad that i won't be able to eat all the eggs.

    I will do a raw vegetable and fruit day in the spring ;)


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