February 25, 2011

Stuck in the mud

Last Saturday we went out for a ride in the forest. Sadly the mud was very sticky and I couldn't see my tires after a while. Then my wheels got stuck so I had to remove the mud by hand. After that the bike gut stuck so I jumped off. It was glued to the ground, I could't lift it the first time I tried.

So we went for a ride on the road. The weather was very nice and there were a lot of bikers on the road. It was a great ride after all, although the bike got really dirty:
This was the first time this year that I used spds on my mtb. I noticed that my feet are not stable enough on the pedals so I think I have to get some new cleats. Or I will buy new pedals because the left one is broken and the cleats are very expensive. I looked at bike24 but I don't want to order from them again and I saw that hibike.com has better prices :)

    - time: 1:27:41
    - distance: 27,71 km
    - average speed: 18,9 km/h
    - max speed 48,2 km/h

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