March 1, 2011

Last weekend

Saturday I gave up my detox program after three and a half days. I was feeling a bit weak (I don't think I have enough stored energy - fat - for these kind of programs) and I think I'm catching a cold. The other reason was that I went home to my parents because it was my brother's birthday and I dind'n want to miss my mothers cooking :D

It was a great experience, I saw that it is not so hard to eat less food. I am planing on doing raw vegetable and fruit days in Spring.

On Saturday I went out for a ride. I took my mtb on the road because I thought the road will be dirty. It was a bike mistake, my friend was on a road bike and it was to hard to keep up. My wide offroad tires and the gears on the bike didn't help at all. On top of this there was a strong wind to so I had a very rough time.

My average speed was only 20 km/h and it got up only when we turned back and the wind got helpfull. I got home waisted and wise. I saw that there is a huge difference on the road between a road bike and a mountain bike. Maybe if I put some better tires (race kings) on the bike it would be easier to keep up with a road bike.

    - time: 1:43:46
    - distance: 39,01 km
    - average speed: 22,5 km/h
    - max speed 58,8 km/h 

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