March 8, 2011

New tires

As  I wrote earlier I bought new mud tires. I bought a set of Schwalbe Nobby Nic, two new tubes and a bottle of Slime. I was thinking of trying some tire sealant that helps prevent and repair flat tires and with the new tires it was time to test the green stuff. Here is what I have on my wheels right now:
It was very easy to put the sealant in the tire, just unscrew the valve and put in half a bottle. I hope this will help me run flat free for two years. In my first season of hard riding I had no flats, in the second season I had a lot of flats. This is my third season and I will ride without flats ;)

I tested this setup last Sunday in a short race so a review is coming soon you here you can find out that these tires are just great!

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