March 22, 2011


I wanted to write about this little ball for some time, after I read that it is good if you ride your bikes hard. From the powerball website:

For other sports such as mountain biking, motocross, climbing or rowing, the NSD Powerball goes to work on your fingers, hands, wrists, forearms and shoulders and gives them an extraordinary resilience to the rigors you face while simultaneously boosting your endurance levels - so much so it's been recently termed.
It is a great way to do some workout even in the office. It moves all the muscles in your hands, depending how are you holding it.

You van spin it up to 16732 rpm (the world record held by Akis Kritsinelis). My personal best is 1282 so I have to keep practicing :)

If you live in Romania the best place to buy the powerball is Emag (I have mine from there)

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