March 28, 2011

Trail running

I don't really like running but I tried it. The Szasz Albert memorial race was organized last Saturday so I thought it would be interesting. For my category the race had two laps around the Zoo. The course was very hard because there were a lot of hills. The last climb was the hardest, very few people could run there, most of us just walked.
I started the race fast but at the half of the first lap my right shoulder started to hurt very much, I was lucky that the pain went away at the end of the lap. In the second lap I realized that it is very important to drink during the races, I was very thirsty, I was thinking of how nice it is to ride a bike and have water all the time... I passed a few guys and others passed me and I finished with a sprint almost catching somebody... 
It was a great experience I liked the course very much but riding bikes will remain my favorite sport :)

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