May 6, 2011


I read about geocaching a long time ago on It is a lot of fun, it combines hiking wit a bit of thrill. The idea is that you have to go to interesting places like mountains or statues and find a little box. All you need for this game is a device with gps, like a phone and some small things you can put in the box. You can get the coordinates for the boxes and more details of the game on

I was in the forest near the Zoo hunting for the boxes. There are a lot of cool things in the boxes and a log book where you can write something.
There are a few other boxes in town so I will find those also. I will search for boxes everywhere I will go. There are a lot of geocahes in the mountains and I want to find them :)

LE: I am a guest writer on so I'll be writing articles in romanian over there, you can read about geocaching in this post :)

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