May 26, 2011

Kezdimaraton 2011

This was the hardest race that I've finished. Seven and a half hours of racing, but it was worth it.
I woke up at four a'clock in the morning and after a long ride in the car we got to Targu Secuiesc. My friends were telling me that we should try the long track which was 75km. I never raced before on such a long track I was preparing for the 40 km race. I knew it will rain but I chose the long race...

At first it was a fast race, there was a long road ride, we were going with 40 km/h. After that there was a long climb. I wasn't going fast because I was keeping my energy for later.
We didn't finish the first climb and it started raining. This made the first downhill section very hard. It was very slippery so on I was running with the bike a few times. After that we had to complete a loop two times. The first time it was harder because there was a lot of mud, and the second time it started to dry but I was getting tired so I fell down. The climb was very hard, because of the mud and rocks we couldn't get on the bike so we had to push a lot. Before the second climb we had to go threw a swamp to :)
After the two killer laps we had a long down hill, but it was so muddy that it was impossible to ride it everywhere on the bike. My shoes got so muddy that my feet got stuck in the pedals and I felt down when I wanted to get off the bike.
We had to get off the mountain on the same route we climbed up. On a fast dh section we missed the signs and we got off course a bit :(
Ant the end I just wanted to get on the fast road section because my bike was making strange noises but the route back in town was off road.

When we got to the finish line nobody was there because we exceeded the time limit by a half hour. The organizers were nice enough to let me get on stage to claim my second place. I was so happy that I finally won something and all that hard work wasn't useless.
I always wanted a medal but instead I got a cup and I was very very happy :D
I even won some great prizes, a chain, grips and a tube:
    - time: 7:01:11 in motion and about 7 and a half hours racing
    - distance: 79,75 km
    - average speed: 11,3 km/h
    - max speed: 47,9km/h

It was the hardest race but I was very happy that I could finish and it was a dream come true when I found out that I was second in my age group :)

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