July 14, 2011

MMM 2011 - Medieval Marathon Medias 2011

I was a bit lazy so I'm writing about this race after a month :)

It was a very hard race again (like last year). There was a lot of mud so it was hard. The mud was sticking to the tires and the tires weren't spinning anymore so I lost a lot of time cleaning the bike. The mud also ruined the shifting so it was very nice when the organizers were washing the shifters, and I even used a biker trick that I read about, pissing on the shifters :D

I felt down 4 times and I had to carry the bike a lot. It was nice that the organizers changed the course a bit and the first climb from last year was replaced with an easier, drier climb. It was a very hard race but I was very happy when I crossed the line. I couldn't stand on my feet because of the cramps but I was still smiling, this smile represent the satisfaction of finishing the race, this is why I like to race:
A few pics from the race:
the bikes
on the first climb
down from the hills
in to the village
getting dirty
why is the bike stopping, I'm not using the brakes :(
carrying some mud
some racing
still on the bike, but after this I lost about 10 minutes cleaning the bike
 after the last feed zone
YES, I've finished the race :D

I have finished in 44th place overall  from 170 riders and 16th in my age group. My time was 3:55:55 :)

    - time: 3:29:24 (on my cyclocomputer)
    - distance: 46,06 km
    - average speed: 13,1 km/h
    - max speed: 45,5km/h

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