August 11, 2011


Last Saturday I went for a training ride with a few friends. We went out to climb the Bucin. Bucin was the first mountain that I've climbed when I started riding longer distances. I remember that the first time I've climbed it I had to stop a few times. 

This weekend was different, I had just a few sandwiches and a banana and I was with my road bike. And I was with a few friend so we took turns in the front so we could go faster. We got to the beginning of the climb very fast with an average speed of about 31 km/h. There we stopped for a short rest.
The climb was harder than I thought, maybe because I had a hard training ride a day before. At the end of the climb I started to recover and I was enjoying the sharp corners. When we got to the top we stopped for another short rest and I checked the time:
    - time: 3:16:58
    - distance: 84,42 km
    - average speed: 26,0 km/h
    - max speed: 56,0km/h

The ride home was very painful especially the last climb to Acatari. You can see the map of the ride here.

    - time: 6:05:48
    - distance: 171,04 km
    - average speed: 28,0 km/h
    - max speed: 56,9km/h

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