August 9, 2011

I'm going to the sea!

It's official, on the 3rd of September I'm going to the sea (to Mamaia) to ride about a half hour.
At first when I read that a few blogger can participate for free at this triathlon I didn't pay much attention to it but thanks to  Mihai I applied. And I won, so I will be part of the #1 Blogger team with Ionut Bizau (swimming) and Mihai Teodorescu (running). If  Ionut confirms the name of the team  will Splash, Flash & Dash Team :)

I didn't see the sea for a long time so I'm very happy that I will have the chance to participate in my first triathlon at the sea (Black Sea). My race will be short, I will have to ride about a half hour as fast as I can (20 kilometers) but I'm sure I will make a lot of new friends especially that I don't even know my team mates.

For now a lot of thanks to Triathlon Challenge and to chinezu who selected the teams and we will meet at the sea!

This post in romanian here.

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