August 9, 2011

Maros Bike Marathon 2011

Last September I was lazy and I had a lot going on. My life was in fast forward so I didn't write about a few races. I didn't write about the Maros Bike Marathon 2010. I think this marathon had the most amazing course, it was just beautiful. The high mountain landscape is one of my favorites.

It was a nice race, I was feeling good but I wasn't lucky, I had to change 3 tubes. I destroyed a set of Race  Kings. Although I lost a lot of time changing tubes I have finished in 25th place in 4 hours an 20 minutes. Here are some pictures from the race:
warming up
going fast
not going fast
before the last cp
the finish
the tire

This year you can help me win a free registration to this race clicking on this banner or on the banner from the sidebar:
Maros Bike Marathon

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