September 21, 2011

Tusnad Marathon 2011

The last race was the Tusnad MTB Marathon. I participated in this race because it has a great course (as I wrote before), the views are very beautiful.

This year the race was a bit poor, there were less things to eat and the raffle was not organized. But the hotel was free, so that was a plus.
The start was pretty crowded so I was in the back of the pack, I lost almost 2 minutes (1:48 in the video)

A bad start is not a bad thing because I tend to start fast and run out of fuel. I had an easy start but I was still passing people. On the first climb I followed a guy wit a ninty-six because he had a good pace, not too fast but not too slow.
On the first descent I went full speed. When I tried to pass some people on the side of the road on some rocks I had a snake bite so I had to stop my mad race and I changed the tube.
After that my recovery race started. It was a lot of fun catching up and passing others. When I started to have fun I had a flat tire again. I got so mad that I threw away the bike.
I calmed down changed the tube again and restarted my race. After I warmed up it was a lot of fun again because I was passing people on some steep climbs were a lot of people were pushing the bikes. Everything was fine until the last climb were I had some muscle cramps. On the final descent I felt down a few times (there is no race without hitting the ground :() but I managed to finish the race in 3:38:21, in 107th place overall and 31th in my age category. It was a good race because I was climbing on the bike were I was pushing a year before and I had cramps only on the last climb. Next year I hope I can go full speed (after the flat tires I was very careful on the rocks and I was going slower) and don't worry about the tires.
I want to thank the guys who helped me with some spare tubes and pumps to finish this race.

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