September 7, 2011

Tusnad MTB Marathon

This weekend I'm going to Tusnad to race in the Tusnad MTB Marathon.
This race has a very beautiful course and a lot of great trails for fast riding. Last year this was the race when I discovered how to deal with my cramps. No mater how many sweets I had I still couldn't get rid of the pain. After this race I read about this and I found out that I need magnesium so I got some magnesium for the next race and I had a lot of bananas and no cramps :)
Besides the scenery and the great trails I liked this race because I paid for one person at the hotel and they gave me a whole rooms. This pay one get two promotion is valid this year also so I'm going to stay at Hotel Fortuna with my girlfriend.

I'm looking forward to this race, this year I'm prepared and I hope I won't have any cramps and I will fly down the hill even faster than last year, leaving a bigger cloud of dust behind me:

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