September 15, 2011

We rode together

Yesterday I have organized with outinmures a bike ride. About ten riders gathered at the start and even a boy came with his father to meet us. On the road a few other riders joined us, one of them told me that he heard about our group on the radio.

Our small group rode together with about 20 kph so we reached the destination very fast. A lot of riders climbed the hill until others were resting. We got back in the city before it got dark.

A few pictures from the road:
Next week if it doesn't rain we will meet again on Tuesday at 6 at the bike park on Pandurilor street an we will ride to Budiu Mic. The map for next weeks ride is here. At the finish we can climb a hill :)

This post in romanian here.


  1. Salut Laci, george@reea here
    As veni si eu cu toata placerea la turele pe care le organizezi, dar din pacate zilele si orele la care sint puse nu se potrivesc deloc cu programul meu. As aprecia daca s-ar organiza si in weekenduri !

    Cheers & keep it up :)

  2. O sa organizam ture si in weekend, nu esti primul care a cerut asta ;)


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