November 29, 2011

How to avoid a flat tire

Last year I had a lot of flat tires so this year I decided to do something about it. This spring when I was preparing for the first race I've put some Slime in my tires. This year I had only one flat tire but it was a snake bite and it was my fault because I wasn't using the right tire.

One time I was saved by the Slime but I didn't even notice, because this sealant is so good. When I was changing my tires before a race I was inspecting the tire (I always inspect the tires when I change them) I noticed a spike in the tire.
I always check the tires with my hands and I didn't even notice the slime in the tire and on the tube (I was a bit bored and wasn't paying attention)
I removed the spike and I changed the tire. After inflation I heard the flat tire sound so I rotated the tire a few times and it stopped. The next time when I changed the tire I fixed the tube.

I highly recommend Slime if you hate flat tires :)


  1. Changing a flat tire is easy. Biker should know about this.

  2. Changing a flat tire is easy but it's not fast ;)


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