November 17, 2011

A ride to Saca Mare

Last Saturday I was on one of the coolest and coldest rides ever. The idea was to do ride on this route but we soon realized it was to much for an autumn day. It was a bit cold but it wasn't so bad. The big problem is that it gets dark at about 5 pm.

I woke up early and packed everything.
After a short car ride we arrived to the starting point.
We got our gear and started the ride. After a few kilometers we already had to take off some of the clothes although it was pretty cold.
It was cold but nature is very beautiful in the cold to.
Soon we hit some ice on the road.
Then even more ice, where I had to jump off the bike for the first time.
Soon the water in my bottle started to freeze like the creek.
At the first food break we fixed a tire.
At the second break my chocolate was frozen :))
After that we stopped and took a look at some interesting rock called the Table Rocks.
The trees were beautiful, they remind me of Christmas.
We found some snow.
The view was...
The stats for the end of the climb:
 - distance: 26,11km
 - average speed: 9,3 kph
 - maximum speed: 33,1 kph
 - time: 2:47:42
The climb was very long and hard and the last few kilometers are very steep. Because of my lack of training and the cold I had some cramps :(

The view at above 1700 meters is breathtaking.
Because of the cold the battery from my camera died on the descent. The descent was long and cold and very hard because of the rocks. We decided to descend off road parallel with the paved road. After a few flat tires and some getting lost we got down to Sovata in the dark. After a short and painful ride I got to the car. The stats for the ride:

 - distance: 54,57km
 - average speed: 11,6 kph
 - maximum speed: 48,7 kph
 - time: 4:40:51

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